The HCG Plan is a guide designed to assist individuals that want to lose weight quickly and safely. This proprietary blend is intended to help reduce food cravings, relieve nausea, bloating, gas, and indigestion.* How does a 1,200-calorie diet work? This plan allows for a 200-calorie breakfast, 400-calorie lunch/dinner and two 100-calorie snacks throughout the day. This will help your body burn more stored fat, resulting in faster weight loss. The goal of this plan is to naturally speed up metabolism, burn fat, and improve overall nutrition. Don’t starve yourself! Consuming less than 1200-calories may be counter productive to your desired goal and may result in insufficient levels of calcium, magnesium, and protein

Is HCG safe?

HCG is extremely safe. There are no known side effects.

How Does HCG Work?

HCG is the ultimate fat burning diet! Our product is taken orally, under the tongue to be rapidly absorbed

(30 Mins Before Each Meal).


Restrictions of HCG Drops:
 If you are pregnant or lactating.• If you are under 21 years.• If you have epilepsy, seizures or some form of dementia, psychiatric or psychological disorder.• If you have a history of thrombi (blood clots).• If you have hepatitis (inflammation of the liver).• If you have any type of heart disease, you can check with your cardiologist with regards to the diet. In some cases, the diet may be taken but it needs the supervision of your cardiologist.• If you have a history of fatty liver and irritable colon, the diet is not recommended. Rapid weight loss tends to lead to complications and it may exacerbate the medical condition.• Tumors of the hypothalamus and pituitary.• Ovarian cysts.• Gynaecological haemorrhages.• Ovarian cancer, uterine or breast.• 


HCG Drops

HCG Drops